Funding Entheogenic Addiction Treatment

Granting Travel and Integration Support for Ibogaine Treatments



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On November 1, 2019, we started the FEAT Grant (Funding Entheogenic Addiction Treatment) which intends to raise and disburse healing grants for opioid addicts so that we can, one by one, reclaim this wounded population.

Why We Created This Grant was launched as a non-profit (pending) in Fall 2019 with the Iboga Saves campaign to end the opioid epidemic. Iboga is a plant medicine that can interrupt opioid addiction in one dose without withdrawal, yet Americans are denied access due to its legal status. Our documentary Iboga Saves will record how iboga can reset body, mind, and spirit to a state of wholeness and create the foundations for transformational recovery. Our goal is to reach and educate a mainstream audience. In addition to the documentary, we also created a web directory and blog on

However, we soon realized that even if people get educated about iboga/ibogaine, few can afford it, because it costs thousands of dollars for the treatment plus several weeks/months of time for travel, treatments, and integration therapy in order to be effective, and insurance does not cover this medicine. Even with the decriminalization efforts going on right now, its going to take years for the system to integrate ibogaine treatments. Hence this grant.


How You Can Help

1.Become a donor, sponsor, or patron.

2.Share news about the FEAT grant with others in your network by sharing this page on social media.

3.Subscribe to and share our blog series to help us educate people about iboga and other entheogens’ amazing healing properties.

4.Write for us if you’re an expert on the topic.

5.Join the Directory if you’re a clinic, retreat center, or an integration provider.


Olivia Healey Crowdsaving Campaign

Olivia Healey Crowdsaving Campaign

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Jason Hampton’s Story

Jason Hampton’s Story

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