awake.net is a collective wisdom blog envisioned as a collaborative writer-artist-activist-sage community to manifest the Mind in all its articulations and to quicken a transformation in human consciousness and culture. Our subject matter is awakening on many fronts – spiritual, social, political, and environmental. 

awake.net was launched in November 2018 by Lakshmi Narayan as a 501(c3)  non-profit (pending) organization. Our first initiative is to raise funds for “Iboga Saves,” our campaign to raise awareness about iboga as a medicine for opioid addiction and to help end the opioid epidemic.

High consciousness, as opposed to low, is the game changer of personal and collective development, of social responsibility, of a culture with reverence for environmental integrity in a finite biological system. We must ascend to the forbidden heights of our own consciousness and flow from the well of our infinite Being. We must awaken virally, exponentially and NOW.


Our primary mission is to the change the public perception of what psychedelic sacraments are and the role they play in our lives, from evil drug to beneficient ally.


awake.net is curated by a group of authors, editors, and media-makers who collectively have experience in the fields of media, language, metaphysics, healing, shamanism, psychedelics, and ecology. Our goal is to help the beginner to altered states understand what entheogens are, how to journey well, the mysterious “nature” of a psychedelic experience, and its short and long-term benefits. We will present first-person accounts and interviews on the topic of psychedelic healing and spiritual awakening. We will also introduce the greater public to the psychedelic community and its key influencers over the last few decades, as well as their psychology, philosophy, and spiritual consciousness. 


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Lakshmi Narayan, founder, author, publisher

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Jack Cross, author, co-founder

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Shonagh Home, Author, Podcast Host


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  • What Entheogens Are
  • Ways to Journey Well: Set, Setting, and Intention
  • The Sacramental Journey
  • Psychedelic Integration
  • The History of Shamanism and the Use of Entheogens in Antiquity
  • The Oppression and Suppression in Mainstream Cultures Worldwide
  • The Reconciliation of Opposites as an Archetypal Pathway That Is Seeded in the Morphemes of the English Language and the Entheogenic Experience
  • Law and Cosmic Order: The Culture and Legality of Psychedelics
  • Entheogenic Awakenings: First Person Accounts of a Spiritual Awakening Through the Use of Psychedelics
  • How Trauma and Addiction Get Healed with Psychedelics
  • Spirituality, Health, Religion, Sexuality, Psychology, and Creativity Through the Lens of the Unitive Experience
  • Entheogens as an Evolutionary Agent
  • The Science Behind It 


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We are assembling a global Directory of entheogenic practitioners, ibogaine clinics, iboga shamans and facilitators, other plant medicine providers, complementary modalities, psychedelic integration therapists, and addiction recovery coaches. Since ayahuasca, pscilocybin, San Pedro, iboga and other psychedelics are still scheduled substances in the US, many of our listed practitioners maybe outside the US, or function as a church under the religious freedom act. Everyone listed in the directory is free to blog, the best blogs will be featured in the greater magazine.