It is customary in the mind-manifested world to speak of Set, Setting and Intention, but I would like to begin with something you’ll need to bring with you on your journey in Word, ATTENTION, and ones ability to pay with it.

Intention is very close, cut from the same decimal system, if you will. A TEN, (10), a one and a zero, one and nothing, being and non-being is a completion of a cycle, a revolution, and there’ one in Enlightenment, (‘en’, in, the fullness of the ‘-ment’, of the mind, filled with Light at its f-UL-L e-X-ten-sion, Red. Unspell potential. Doesn’t the tenth letter ‘J’ look a bit like a Fish Hook and an upside down question mark? Who placed it there? Have you ever walked across a street without authority? Here, authority and authorship are etymologically related to the Latin AUTOR, meaning FATHER. Hold the aspirate.

This Bastard Language, Angle-ish, Angelic, messenger like, descends from the Semitic Language Group, as Semitic descends from one of Noah’s sons, SHEM. Son’s are male. The Alphabet was created by a SHEM-MAN, a NAME-MAN, a WORD-MAN, communicating, communing with the two hemispheres of his own mind, in the place of the skull the Three crosses stand. Two for the eyes and one for the third.

A morpheme is the smallest unit of letters that contain intrinsic meaning. ‘MEAN’ in mathematics means ‘MIDDLE’. ‘MED-‘ means middle. MD, i.e., Medicine Man, Middle Sin Man. How does one determine THE Middle? To find yourself in space, you need Three Ordinates. Three’s a charm. We pay Tribute, we make our contributions and no matter the number of rivers, they are all tributaries. The Third Ordinate is the ‘J’ of Jordan, The Tenth Letter, eXTRApolated. We are all baptized in The River of Geometry and broken spells. We are The Word. In The Waters of MEM, we re-mem-ber. The Spirit is re-Tree-ved, the Cosmic Serpent hangs upon a Cross made of vertical and horizontal co-ordinates and designated ‘Y’ and ‘X’, chromosomes in genetics. The ‘PA’ morpheme of pater can be seen in pattern, look real close, FAther can be seen in PATtern. In the middle of the cross, there is light illuminating The Middle Way, the Shinning Light of Surrender .

About the Author

Jack-Cross-authorJack Cross is an ecstatic poet and psychonaut who writes about a “Christ Complexicon,” of Word, Logos, Logic, the Geometry of the English/Latin Alphabet, Archetype, Myth, the language of time, polarity and the reconciliation of opposites. "For me, the psychedelic experience, the enTheogenic experience, the Sacramental experience, have always been one and the same. There is only a slight difference of inflection and reflection between recreation and re-Creation, part-y and Holy. And WHO is to say? Certainly not a secular fiction. God isn’t found with a microscope or a telescope, God is found with a mirror. The Mind/Soul-Manifesting effects of psychedelics are prohibited by nearly every civilization on earth for this very reason. Psyche-delic is no misnomer. One could even say that civilization itself rests upon the prohibition of mind-altering substances. Secular fictions, and theocratic fictions, perpetuate themselves by law and violence. Law perpetuates itself with the principle of precedence, of that which came before, and what came before was the First Law, “Do not eat of the fruit of this Tree.”  This is the world we wake up in, as Spiritual Criminals. Psychedelics are not for the faint of heart, nor the faint of mind, they are for pilgrims journeying home.



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